Gmail - The best webmail with lots of space. Now includes a calander.
Hobowars - An online game that I play.
Hobowars 2 - Same as Hobowars 1 but started a year later.
Myspace - I hate it.

Newegg - Where I buy most computer parts. Excellent service.
Sweetwater - Great place for all your audio needs.
TotalChoice Hosting - My webhost. Cheap, fast, and reliable.

FaSoft - Great cheap multitrack recording software.
Steinberg - The best multitrack recording software.
FL Studio - A great program for tracking high quality songs.
BBE Sonic Maximizer - Nice DirectX plugin to have.
Waves - Quality DiretX audio plugins.
Nero - My favorite CD/DVD burning program.

uTorrent - One of my favorite BitTorrent clients.
Emule - my favorite eDonkey client.
mininova - Excellent torrent site.
Torrentspy - Another equally excellent torrent site.
eztv @ EFNET - Torrent site for the latest TV episodes.
Digitaldistractions - Torrent site for educational and cooking shows.
VCD Quality - Good for finding good releases of movies.
IMDB - Info on movies, TV, Video Games, Actors.